The Last Leg: Football Drinking Game

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Play While You Watch Football

The first football drinking game for live games!

Invite your friends, put on the game, grab some drinks, and play The Last Leg! Turn any football game into a fun drinking game. From having to take a drink for an incomplete pass to having to shotgun a beer for a safety, you are guaranteed to have a great game!

😂 Make any game fun to watch

🍻 Get drunk with your friends

🏈 Works with any professional or college game

How To Play

The Last Leg is extremely simple to play! Simply follow the rules below:

100 Cards

There are tons of cards that have to do with specific things that happen during the game such as a third down conversion, touchdown, first down, interception, and more!

2+ Players

There are cards that have nothing to do with the actual gameplay such as such as stuff the announcers say, things the referees say, and more!

Tons of Fun

There are cards that have nothing to do with the actual gameplay such as types of commercials, things the camera shows, and more!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Southern Dane

Football + Drinking Game = Amazing Time

This game is fun for anyone who likes to drink! I’m not a huge football fan but my family is, so we tried this card game and wow I was even watching the game 😂

Christian S.

Game Changer

If your team is out of the playoffs, this is the perfect game to keep you interested. Makes party’s a blast. Between NFL, College, XFL, and USFL, this is not a seasonal game. Hand your wife a glass of wine and 5 cards, all the sudden she loves football. 6/5 stars.

Andreas Hoppers

Playoff Shenanigans

Super fun game during the playoff game, jags chargers, bringing it with to KC for the game next weekend!

Customer Reviews

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Shelbie Brown (Maple Shade Township, NJ)

The Last Leg: Football Drinking Game

Joshua Gorniak (Edmonton, AB)
It's Good now expand

Football card game last leg is great idea now expand on it make it a simple board game, or add double or nothing underneath the 1st drink/point. Your game is good but your catering to the soccer moms of football fans and "betters / drinkers" up that anti and bring it home boys.

Dakotah (Fort Riley North, KS)
Better then I thought!

My wife isn't a big football fan so I thought why not try this since she likes a good drink lol. Ended up working out perfectly! My wife wasn't just interested in the game but I was able to teach her about what was happening!

Robert Nguyen (Denver, CO)


Genevieve Olson (Winter Park, FL)
Great Game!

This is a great game to bring to a bar while you’re watching football! A lot of my friends thought you wouldn’t be able to play and still watch the game but we were so focused on the game and winning points! Highly recommend!

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