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Dizzy Date

I have not received this package and it is saying it’s delivered

Hello, please reach out to us so we can make this right. We have no way of knowing it wasn't delivered unless you reach out. Especially when the tracking shows it was delivered.

Dizzy Date

This is kind of like a high schooler game yet it’s suppose to be drinking. So maybe a brand new couple.

Thank you for your feedback. I would love to hear more on how you would have preferred some of the cards to be. Feel free to reach out.


Fun game with your partner

The Last Leg: Hockey Drinking Game
Michael Martinez (Los Angeles, CA)

Had a blast playing this game with friends and family.

Some of them are *spicy* and some of them are normal but fun!

Great for getting to know your partner and having fun while learning more about them!

Dizzy Date

A fun way to get to know your partner better and have fun!

The Last Leg: Baseball Drinking Game
Trevor Simpson (Guelph, ON)
I have not received my order

Hi I am still awaiting my order so I cannot comment.

Dizzy Date
Andy Hjorth (Las Vegas, NV)
Fun but only once

We went through all three packs. I think they are fun, but for a married couple of 27 years, lots of cards were “been there, done that” responses. Though we did get pretty drunk, we won’t ever play again. We will give them away.

Dizzy Date
Brad Morris

Dizzy Date

Dizzy Date
Nicole L (Raleigh, NC)
Love the connection

My boyfriend and I have played almost all the main box and finished the whole deeper questions pack. We love that there’s an opportunity to play through the cards again as the relationship changes and develops over time. We’ve been together over two years and got to talk through some things we didn’t always know how to bring up. The questions have been fun and insightful and each time we’ve played I feel like we finish up feeling even more loved, and buzzed.

Makes watching sports even more fun!

Dizzy Date
Liz (White Plains, NY)
Fun times!

My boyfriend and I had lots of laughs playing this game! We could barely keep our hands off each other on the couch! Recommend for a fun, flirty, tipsy good time!

Dizzy Date
Frank Dellolio (Herndon, VA)

So fun!!

Dizzy Date
Tamika (Washington, DC)
Great game

Most definitely a great game ..

The Last Leg: Basketball Drinking Game
Cortez Hale (Chicago, IL)
Best Sports drinking game

This game is great and is good way to get people who do not normally watch basketball games, enjoy a game and also get drunk along the way.. can’t wait for the Football one

Dizzy Date
Tiela (Stockton, CA)
Exceeded our Expectations

These are the absolute best! Me and my man had so much fun with these cards. We can't wait to actually make it through the deck!

Dizzy Date
Sandi (Powell, TN)
Dizzy Date

So much fun

So much fun! Liked the one I bought so much, I purchased another for my brother.

Finally received it. Fun game.

Finally received it. Fun game.

This was so much fun the last few weeks of football this year!! We had a little bit of trouble not knowing exactly how to play but we ended up figuring it out and just making our own rules up as we went. It sure is fun to play though!! We bought the basketball one too which is going to be a blast for March Madness coming up!!