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As fun as advertised

Very simple to play and can sway the casual fan into paying more attention. Hopefully I can get a win during the S**** B***

Beer Pressure V2
Hunter Costin

Beer Pressure V2

Take football watching to another level!

A lot of fun! I play this with a group of guys every Sunday. To make it more interesting we also each pitch in $10 and the one with the most points at the end takes the pot!

Playoff fun

I bought this game for my boyfriend since he is always having his friends over for football games. They all had a blast getting drunk playing. This is a fun game! We are hoping for a baseball one ;)

Dizzy Date
Egg man
Ever so slightly sketchy.

Like it DOES have a FEW action cards... but 80 % of that is just stories my dude.

5 Star Game, 5 Star Brand

Awesome game - Looking forward to future releases!

Looks like a good time gonna try it superbowl!!!!

Awesome Game, Very Fun!

Great game to play with your friends, family and others! Even for guests who don't care for football will enjoy this. Definitely recommend, if they make a game for other sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, etc., with the similar concept, I would buy!

Needs More Cards

Great concept and a fun game, but needs more cards that make it easier to drink. A few simpler cards would make the game better.

Football drinking game.

It is a lot of fun. It makes watching football more exciting for people who are not big fans.


We played this yesterday with a large group. So much fun :) We need a basketball version!

Game Changer.

If your team is out of the playoffs, this is the perfect game to keep you interested. Makes party’s a blast. Between NFL, College, XFL, and USFL, this is not a seasonal game. Hand your wife a glass of wine and 5 cards, all the sudden she loves football. 6/5 stars.

Great game…

The game was great. Even friends who are not football fans enjoy the game. There needs to be more scenarios to drink to.

Easy and fun to play

Ordered a set for me and another for family. We play at the same time and total our points at the end of the game. Sad that football season is almost over because we love playing this game.

Good game. Could be better

While we enjoyed the game we noticed that some of the cards could be updated due to the fact that some cards rarely happen if at all. we almost went an entire quarter without someone having to take a drink. that puts a damper on the whole game. Also instead of the winner being the one with the most points, it should be the winner has the least amount of points.

The Last Leg: Football Drinking Game

Dizzy Date
Jacinda Saunders

Love them. Nice connection

Playoff shenanigans

Super fun game during the playoff game, jags chargers, bringing it with to KC for the game next weekend!

Well I Was Definitely Dizzy Drunk

We had a great time playing and learned a lot more about eachother. By the time the game ended we were drunk and naked lol 😂

The Last Leg: Football Drinking Game (PRE-ORDER)

Dizzy Date
Elizabeth Vanlue
Lots of fun!

Bought for my husband for Christmas, and we went through the whole deck with sips of beer. Turned out to be a lot of fun!

My boyfriend loves it!

So much fun

We played on Christmas and everyone loved it! It makes games you aren’t as invested in much more enjoyable and fun to watch!

Dizzy Date
Janleo Saldierna

Dizzy Date™


This game makes for do many laughs will getting drunk. P.S. it will get you drunk FAST😂