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This was so much fun the last few weeks of football this year!! We had a little bit of trouble not knowing exactly how to play but we ended up figuring it out and just making our own rules up as we went. It sure is fun to play though!! We bought the basketball one too which is going to be a blast for March Madness coming up!!

This game is a lot of fun! We used the football version the last few weeks and know this one will be a crowd pleaser for March Madness! It got here in a timely manner as well! The only thing was, it was a little difficult to know how to play but we kind of just figure it out as we went and made our own rules!

Please make Dizzy Date 3!!

We love to start date night with a cocktail and these cards! We have the original deck, this expansion, and the spicy pack. We’ve been together 3 years and are still learning new things about each other with these cards. We would LOVE another expansion pack to keep our date night pre-games rolling.

The Last Leg: Baseball Drinking Game

Beer Pressure V2
Michael Berry (New York, NY)
Not played yet

Can't wait to play , don't have alot of company in the winter but I promise we are going to love it

Beer Pressure V2
Anonymous (Minneapolis, MN)
Very Drunk

Got so drunk off this game ended up bonding with my small group of friends more than I ever had. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good time. Also it’s the next morning as I’m writing this and I’m a little tipsy still.

Dizzy Date
Briana Weible (Broken Bow, OK)
10/10 Recommend

This is the best foreplay and so much fun. So great to play then save the rest for a round 2 ;) if there were different versions of date night ones, we would honestly buy more. They’re so fun.

Beer Pressure Expansion Pack #1
Pleshette Tydings (New York, NY)

Beer Pressure Expansion Pack #1

Beer Pressure Expansion Pack #1
Gladys Taylor (Orrville, OH)

Beer Pressure Expansion Pack #1

Beer Pressure V2
Pleshette Tydings

Beer Pressure V2

Beer Pressure V2
Josh Kotter (Palatine, IL)
Fun game!

Fun game!

This game is hella fun 💯💯💯💯💯

Beer Pressure V2
Carmin Fetters

Purchased it for my son- he loved it. His friends and cousin did too. Yes they all was intoxicated 😂

The cards and box are low quality but the content on the cards is fun and sparked good conversation.

Low quality cards and box for the price but the content on the cards is fun.

Cards are low quality and so is the box. The cards are fun and we enjoyed watching football.

Text or Drink
Heidi Johnson (Hutchinson, MN)
Not a fan

This game would be geared to more of the younger teens through young adults maybe.

Dizzy Date
Nivya K P (Pittsburgh, PA)

Dizzy Date

Beer Pressure V2
Sandi (Knoxville, TN)
Friends gone wild😂😂😂

Haven’t played yet but reading the cards. I can’t wait till January 26 to play this with eight of my friends.🍻🍻

The Last Leg: Football Drinking Game
LouisChelp LouisChelp (Wichita, KS)

Keeps everyone included in the game. Customer service was fantastic. I had issue with delivery and they handled quickly.

Dizzy Date

Seller was great to work with. Initially I didn't receive the product but they were quick to respond and ship a new one.

Dizzy Date
Sara Rich (Gardner, MA)
So much fun!

We had a blast playing this game. Just got an extension pack so we can play again.

Super fun to play with your spouse and friends!

Too short for price

Hello, thank you for the honest review. It looks like you ordered the expansion pack and haven't ordered the original Dizzy Date in the past. You might find the original Dizzy Date exactly what you are looking for as it is double the amount of cards as the expansion pack.

Product sucks, customer service sucks, can’t say enough about how bad they are.

Hello, I am very sorry you are frustrated. You reached out to us after your order was shipped so we were unable to cancel it for you. If you would have reached out to us prior to it shipping we would have been able to cancel and refund your order. I hope you enjoy the game and give us another shot in the future.