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Beer Pressure V2

Beer Pressure is the card game you won't remember playing!

Perfect for parties, pregames, birthdays, and more
Have a blast playing it with your friends
Will definitely get you drunk



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How To Play

Step 1

Shuffle the entire deck and place it in the center of the group

Step 2

Every player must grab their favorite beverage

Step 3

Take turns drawing a card and completing the task

What Our Customers Say

"Has potential to be the next cards against humanity. Ask for party card games. Friends absolutely loved it and had a blast. Bunch of laughs and awkward moments. This is an amazing game."

David C.

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"This game is a lot of fun! I bought it as a gift for a friend for their birthday and it was a big hit. Easy to play and learn, and just snarky enough for our senses of humor! Overall a good buy!"

Sonia W.

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"Absolutely love this game, I play with people at the bar all the time and everyone loves it"

Kelly A.

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The #1 Party Game of 2023

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Beer Pressure