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Viral Basketball Drinking Game Is A Playoff Must Have

Get drunk with your friends

Make any game a blast to watch

Works with professional and college

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How To Play

It's super easy! (even after a few beers)

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What Our Customers Say

Fun drinking game for basketball fans (and non fans). Cards have different drink directions for game action. Made the game more fun….just don’t remember who won!!!


Verified Buyer

If you're watching basketball and having drinks, why not play a game as well. Heavy duty deck of cards where you take a drink and get points based on what's happening in the basketball game. Lots of fun and makes you pay attention to what's going on.


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Such a great idea especially bust these cards out when you’re watching it with a group of people. Helps those non sports fans engage and we’ll just an overall fun drinking game.

Zach Galman

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The #1 Basketball Game

See Why Thousands of Basketball Fans 

LOVE The Last Leg

Don’t Remember The Sweet 16

Great game, waiting on the baseball one.  



Not going to lie this game is pretty awesome. My gf who doesn’t like sport is now willing and able to watch and also learn about basketball. She’s actually excited to watch games with me. I’ll def recommend. Drink responsibly of course !  

-Jeremiah Cofie

Made the Game So Fun

The perfect game to bring a group of four together during March madness. We made up rules to go with it including a shot for all four of us having the same card occurring, linking arms for the drink if there were two of us. Definitely a good time.

-Madison Litwin

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