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The Last Leg Football

The World's First Live Football Drinking Game!

Make any game fun to watch

Get drunk with your friends

Works with professional and college

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How To Play

It's super easy! (even after a few beers)

What Our Customers Say

This game is fun for anyone who likes to drink! I’m not a huge football fan but my family is, so we tried this card game and wow I was even watching the game!

Southern Dane

Verified Buyer

My wife and I played this game during the Super Bowl. It was lots of fun and made the game worth watching. Lots of different cards so lots of chances to drink. I look forward to the next football season so we can play again!

James D

Verified Buyer

This is a great game to bring to a bar while you’re watching football! A lot of my friends thought you wouldn’t be able to play and still watch the game but we were so focused on the game and winning points! Highly recommend!

Genevieve Olson

Verified Buyer

The #1 Football Game

See Why 20,000+ Football Fans 

LOVE The Last Leg

A Game Day Must Have!

This game is so much fun! It definitely takes the fun of watching the game to another level!

-Damian Smith

Playoff Shenanigans

Super fun game during the playoff game, jags chargers, bringing it with to KC for the game next weekend

-Andreas Hoppers

Wish I had this all season long!

Was great to play during the super bowl. Everyone was a winner! Wish I’d had this all season long but I’m looking forward to next season.

-DA Henderson