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The Hottest Couples Card Game

Dizzy Date is the perfect excuse to stay home on a Friday night

Spice up your date night at home

Get drunk with your partner

Have a blast with your partner

Good luck making it through the deck

Sexy Cards

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How To Play

Step 1

Shuffle the deck and take
turns drawing a card

Step 2

A "Drink If" card applies to 

both players

Step 3

All other cards only apply to the player that picked up the card unless stated otherwise

What Our Customers Say

"We had a great time playing and learned a lot more about each other. By the time the game ended we were drunk and naked lol"


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"Such a fun game to get in the mood and have some fun with your partner, i’m obsessed!"


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"My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years and got this card game - we had a BLAST playing! I’ll be lending it to other couple friends to enjoy as well :)"


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The #1 Couples Game

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Dizzy Date