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Say goodbye to boring party games with Beer Pressure.

Perfect for parties, pregames, birthdays, and more.

Have a blast playing it with your friends.
Will definitely get you drunk.

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How to play: Beer Pressure Drinking Game

Step 1

Shuffle the deck and place it in the center of the group.

Step 2

Every player must grab their favorite beverage. If it's tequila, good luck.

Step 3

Take turns drawing a card and completing the task or drink.

What people are saying about Beer Pressure

Sarah Cerpa |

Verified Buyer

So much fun and it doesn't get boring

One thing I love about this game is that there isn't ridiculously long cards to read. Once my friends and I get to feeling a little too good reading such long texts gets tiring and boring. This game makes it super easy to stay entertained and engaged. 10/10

Lindsey Taylor |

Verified Buyer

The best game to play with friends

I got this game back in August and have been playing it ever since. I even took this game to Nashville and it was a huge hit. The cards have really cool designs on them. I have yet to pull a card that I did not enjoy playing. 10/10 would recommend getting this game and playing it. It would also make for a great gift, especially in secret Santa.

Ellenie Hills |

Verified Buyer

Love it and highly recommended

Most games likes this that you buy are usually dumb and get old or boring, but this one definitely knew how to make it a good time and kept us all on our toes!

Grahm Hass |

Verified Buyer

Drunk Party Game

This game is prefect for game nights. You want a game that will have you drunk this is the one.

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