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The Hottest Couples Drinking Game

Dizzy Date is the perfect excuse to stay home on a Friday night

Spice up your date night at home

Get drunk with your partner

Have a blast with your partner

Good luck making it through the deck

Sexy Cards

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How To Play

Step 1

Shuffle the deck and take
turns drawing a card

Step 2

A "Drink If" card applies to 

both players

Step 3

All other cards only apply to the player that picked up the card unless stated otherwise

What Our Customers Say

"We had a great time playing and learned a lot more about each other. By the time the game ended we were drunk and naked lol"


Verified Buyer

"Such a fun game to get in the mood and have some fun with your partner, i’m obsessed!"


Verified Buyer

"My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years and got this card game - we had a BLAST playing! I’ll be lending it to other couple friends to enjoy as well :)"


Verified Buyer

What's Included In The Bundle

Dizzy Date

The original deck. It comes with 100 fun and spicy cards!

Extra Spicy Expansion

This expansion pack features 50 extra spicy cards ;)

Deeper Questions Expansion

This expansion pack includes 50 cards to get to know more about your partner, regardless of how long you have been together!

The #1 Couples Game

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Dizzy Date