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Ultimate Party Bundle

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The Ultimate Party Bundle includes Beer Pressure™, Dizzy Date™, and Twisted™. Never run out of games to play for your parties!

Beer Pressure™: The drinking game you won't remember playing. Perfect for parties, pre-games, birthdays, boat days, and more!

    • Beer Pressure™ is the all new drinking game that tops all competitors. Don't get stuck doing dumb ass dares and social media posts like other games. Beer Pressure™ includes 100 original playing cards with drinking activities that will make your parties the best.

    Dizzy Date™: The best drinking game for couples! Dizzy Date™ is a 100 card couples game to spice up your date night. All you have to do is shuffle the deck and take turns drawing a card.

    • Dizzy Date™ has multiple different types of cards. A "Drink if" card applies to all players in the game. All other cards (dares, confessions, etc.) only apply to the player that picked up the card.


    • Twisted™ is The Original Party Board Game! The game board has 47 different spots. Every player will take turns rolling the dice and moving their player piece that number of spots. For the spot you land on you must do what it says. First player to finish must drink the drink that was placed in the middle prior to playing. Get Twisted!


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    Best Game Ever!

    I love these games so much!